The new Rocks Off RO-ZEN vibrating butt plug and double cock ring is a 7-speed anal toy with a perineum massaging arm a cock ring to work your balls and shaft and a tapered and comfortable butt plug to slide in.

How is it used?

The Rocks Off RO-ZEN is designed to pleasure several areas at once. The double cock ring provides you with a longer and thicker shaft, with increased hardness and the associated pleasure, while your balls are also circled and held in place. The silicone arm extends between the thighs where the textured surface directly contacts the perineum, providing additional massaging pleasure to this erogenous zone. The tapered silicone butt plug then inserts into the anus where the 7-speed vibrating settings massage and pleasure your opening and spread through the toy and your body for increased climaxes.

What are the features?

The primary feature of the Rocks Off RO-ZEN is the vibrating function, which directly stimulates several erogenous zones simultaneously. This 7 speed vibrating power delivers great sensations to the anal canal, which also spread to the prostate to increase the power and pleasure of a climax. With the addition of the perineum massaging point and the double cock ring, the intensity of a male climax can be again increased, while giving you and a partner more to play with thanks to the effects of the penis and ball rings.

Additional notes…

The Rocks Off RO-ZEN is not only a couples toy for additional fun for the male when having sex, it’s also a great masturbation toy for solo pleasures. The combination of pleasures from the increased sensitivity of the erection thanks to the cock ring, combined with the vibrating pleasure of the 7 speed butt plug attachment, makes this an excellent and highly pleasurable toy whether you’re alone or enjoying it during sex.

My verdict

“It’s an excellent toy with various points delivering so much pleasure. As a novice when it comes to anal toys, the Rocks Off RO-ZEN is comfortable and modest in size and helped me to experience new pleasures during masturbation, before experiencing it with my partner too.”

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