Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant is water-based lube that resembles semen, read more about this great product…

Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant is a versatile and modern sexual lubricant for use during masturbation, sexual intercourse and toy play. Water-based, condom safe and okay to use with silicone toys, this product by UK brand Bodywise is one of the most popular and useful on the market.

How is it used?

Unlike many other personal lubricants, Liquid Silk can be used for all sexual activities. Because it’s water-based it’s safe for use with condoms and toys. Fans of the product use it for masturbation, sex with a partner, and toy play also.

What are the features?

Primarily Liquid Silk is a versatile product, for use in all sexual ways. There are no limits to how this product can be enjoyed as it’s safe for use with condoms and silicone toys. It’s long lasting, unlike many other water-based lubricants which often require reapplication during play. It’s non-greasy, non-sticky, odourless, colourless and flavourless too. It won’t stain your sheets and it won’t leave a nasty resigue behind. In addition to these excellent features, Liquid Silk is also a great moisturiser, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth after use.

One of the most notable things about this lubricant is the similarity to real semen, something many fans of the product love. It does indeed look and feel like semen when in use, and is reportedly used by adult studios as a stand-in for the climax when required.

Additional notes…

It’s always important to ensure that any lubricant you might use with your wanking toys is water-based, as any silicone products might damage and degrade the quality of your toys in a very short time. Some lubricants can cause damage to a silicone toy within just a couple of uses.

My verdict

“Liquid Silk is an extremely useful and high quality product. It’s difficult to find a lubricant that can do everything well, but this achieves that perfectly. The additional feature of it resembling semen is another thrill that many customers will love.”

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