The Jac Off wanking toy is a soft and pliable silicone pad that rests in the palm of the hand with a textured surface for increased pleasure during wanking.

How is it used?

The Jac Off wanking toy is simple held in the hand and soft and textured surface is applied to the shaft of the penis. Masturbating as you would without it, the texture provides heightened pleasure along the length of the shaft to increase the pleasure and the power of your climax and ejaculation.

What are the features?

The Jac Off Wanking toy is easy to use. There are no special instructions and you really cannot go wrong. Just open up the box, place it in your stroking hand and apply some water-based lubricant to the textured surface. Masturbate as you normally would with the added pleasure from the soft nubs massaging your penis.

When done, rinse off and leave to air dry.

Additional notes…

Made by California Exotic, the Jac Off is perhaps one of the simplest and most versatile wanking toys available. It really cannot be any simpler than a pad of soft and textured silicone.

My verdict

“The Jac Off wanking toy is a very simple design, and it doesn’t take any figuring out to use. What’s more, it’s pretty subtle too. If anyone stumbled across this in a drawer, they wouldn’t immediately figure out what it is. The wanking lube next to it might give them a hint though! It’s cheap, basic, feels great and would be great for any guy looking for something easy and VERY affordable.”

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