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Sir Richard’s Shower Masturbation Lubricants


Sir Richard’s Shower Masturbation Lubricants come in three styles, giving you a great way to start your day…

The Shower Masturbation Lubricant range from Sir Richard’s are high-quality personal lubricants specially designed for masturbation in the shower. The range includes three styles:

How is it used?

All personal lubricants are intended to ease penetration and masturbation for men and women, but the Sir Richard’s range has been developed specifically for male masturbation. The three products allow for a greater sensation while masturbating.

What are the features?

Rub It Out

The thick and creamy formula of Rub It Out becomes a slick lube after application, thinning to a high-quality slippery product allowing much closer contact between your hands and your erection.

Tug It Out

Get a more traditional feeling silicone lube with Tug It Out. Similar to many other silicone lubricants, this formula is a water-resistant lube that can withstand the moisture and heat of a shower and remain where you need it.

Beat It Out

The thicker gel formula of Beat It Out lube emerges almost looking like regular shower gel. When applied it assists in a smooth and close stroking and more pleasure being experienced. Again, this product is water-resistant and can remain in place in spite of the humid conditions in your shower.

Additional notes…

The Sir Richard’s brand is relatively new to the adult market, but their high-quality and their style is likely going to make them incredibly popular.

My verdict

“Having tried all three of the Sir Richard’s Lubricants in the Shower Masturbation range I can attest that they are all high quality and worth buying. While the Tug It Out version is familiar in style and feel, the other two are very interesting products able to make your morning shower a lot more interesting. If I were a member of an adult club or sauna I can imagine that I would be taking one of these with me for sharing with others in such an environment”.



Stroke 29 Wanking Lube


Stroke 29 wanking lube is a very unique product. Unlike many other adult lubricants, Stroke 29 is specifically designed for male masturbation. It’s not recommended for use with toys or for penetration, but this is not a criticism.

How is it used?

Stroke 29 is is supplied in a squeezable tube. It is applied to the hand and the penis to allow for smoother and more pleasurable masturbation. Lubricants allow for closer and more sensuous touch.

What are the features?

There are a few things that make Stroke 29 a special product. Firstly, it starts off as a thick cream, but breaks down into a slippery and oily sheen when it responds to body heat. The resulting smooth grease is incredibly pure and allows for direct contact between the hand and the penis. This in-turn increases the pleasure experienced and encourages a greater climax and ejaculation.

In addition, the nature of Stroke 29 makes it far cleaner to use than many other liquid lubricants. Other wanking lube products can often be messy, but Stroke 29 is one of the tidiest.

Additional notes…

Stroke 29 is manufactured by Empowered Products, makers of the highly popular Gun Oil wanking lube. Originally only available in a 100ml tube, they have now release Stroke 29 in a 200ml tube due to its popularity.

My verdict

“Having tried this wanking lube myself several months ago, I am now on my third tube. That should tell you all you need to know about what I think of Stroke 29!”

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