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TSX Fireman Dildo


The Fireman Dildo from TSX Sex Toys is a replica cock with a long detailed shaft and a thick girth for endless pleasure…

The TSX Sex Toys Fireman Dildo is a replica cock with an 8.5 inch length, a 2.25 inch diameter and a 6.5 inch circumference. Moulded from a real erection and hand finished, it features detailed wrinkles on the balls, veins snaking up the thick shaft and a perfectly formed head.

How is it used?

As you would expect, the Fireman Dildo is used for vaginal and anal penetration, either as part of a play between sexual partners or during solo masturbation. For men specifically it can increase the pleasure as you manipulate the prostate using an anal toy while masturbating.

What are the features?

The primary features of the Fireman Dildo are the dimensions of the sex toy and the details replicated from the original donor. The 8.5 inches in length offer deep penetration while the 6.5 inch circumference gives a fuller feeling. The shaft features a thickening bulge in the middle section for increased pleasure during insertion and removal. The details replicated from the original model supplying the real erection to copy include creases and wrinkles of the scrotum, thick and prominent veins along the shaft and a pronounced flared corona around the head. A flat base provides added stability when in use.

Additional notes…

Available from several UK outlets, with BlokeToys offering free UK delivery and free water based lubricant, deemed to be the best offer.

My verdict

“Although there are now so many dildos on the market you could spend a lifetime reading about them all, the Fireman Dildo has to be one of the best for the price, the design and the dimensions of it. I believe the size of this dildo is perhaps almost perfect for everyone; it’s not too large as to be uncomfortable, but it’s large enough to offer a challenge and a lot of sensation. The details of the dildo are excellent for a product in this price range.”

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Perfect Pal Big Mouth Stroker


The Perfect Pal Big Mouth stroker is a stretchy masturbator with a ribbed interior and an open ended design…

The Big Mouth Stroker is a fleshy silicone masturbator with a wide opening which stretches to fit any girth of manhood. The interior texture is ribbed with prominent rings and the end is open for the longer gentleman and easy cleanup.

How is it used?

Like all other strokers the Perfect Pal Big Mouth slides onto the shaft and the user slides the toy up and down. The open end allows for full pleasuring of the shaft and assists in easy cleaning too. The soft silicone material allows the user to apply pressure where needed to get a closer feel along the shaft and around the head.

What are the features?

The Big Mouth Stroker is a wide toy, making it especially good for those with thicker than average penises. The wide opening and tunnel design also allows two men to share it comfortably for mutual masturbation and frottage. The Interior of the 4 inch sleeve is ribbed, with a prominent texture to offer you pleasure along the shaft and around the glands. The material is soft and can be squeezed easily to apply more pressure in specifically pleasurable places such as around the glands of the penis.

With the open tunnel design cleaning up is easier, allowing you to ejaculate outside of the sleeve if desired.

Additional notes…

It appears that this toy has been discontinued by several stockists in the UK, but BlokeToys has a few remaining in stock. This masturbator was featured in a video for the shop, with adult entertainer Andy Lee filming himself masturbating with it.

My verdict

“This is a great affordable masturbator for those who know how much fun a simple sleeve can be. The size and design of the Big Mouth Stroker makes it an excellent choice for those who enjoy mutual masturbation with a friend as two can slide into it at the same time. The texture within the Big Mouth is prominent enough to offer excellent pleasure along the shaft and around the head of the penis.”

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The Jac Off Wanking Toy


The Jac Off wanking toy is a soft and pliable silicone pad that rests in the palm of the hand with a textured surface for increased pleasure during wanking.

How is it used?

The Jac Off wanking toy is simple held in the hand and soft and textured surface is applied to the shaft of the penis. Masturbating as you would without it, the texture provides heightened pleasure along the length of the shaft to increase the pleasure and the power of your climax and ejaculation.

What are the features?

The Jac Off Wanking toy is easy to use. There are no special instructions and you really cannot go wrong. Just open up the box, place it in your stroking hand and apply some water-based lubricant to the textured surface. Masturbate as you normally would with the added pleasure from the soft nubs massaging your penis.

When done, rinse off and leave to air dry.

Additional notes…

Made by California Exotic, the Jac Off is perhaps one of the simplest and most versatile wanking toys available. It really cannot be any simpler than a pad of soft and textured silicone.

My verdict

“The Jac Off wanking toy is a very simple design, and it doesn’t take any figuring out to use. What’s more, it’s pretty subtle too. If anyone stumbled across this in a drawer, they wouldn’t immediately figure out what it is. The wanking lube next to it might give them a hint though! It’s cheap, basic, feels great and would be great for any guy looking for something easy and VERY affordable.”

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