What is the My First Masturbator Wanking Toy?

The My First Masturbator wanking toy is an extremely simple design. Its just a soft and stretchy silicone tube, able to be used by men with any size penis.

How is it used?

The My First Masturbator toy is made slippery with a water-based lubricant and held in the hand. While masturbating in your traditional way, the wet and slippery tube slides up and down the shaft and over the head of the penis, providing increased sensation through direct contact.

What are the features?

You simply cannot go wrong with the My First Masturbator wanking toy. There is no way you could use this incorrectly, and it’s so simple and basic that only your imagination is the limit. The My First Masturbator can be used in the hand, placed beneath you, in a rolled up towel… It’s an extremely versatile wanking toy with a lot of possibilities.

Once enjoyed, just wash with warm soapy water or a recommended toy cleaner and leave to air dry ready for next time.

Additional notes…

The My First Masturbator wanking toy is made by Pipe Dream, a well known manufacturer of adult products. It’s extremely soft and stretchy and can be used in many different ways. Being at the lower end of the price range for mens sex toys, you can get these at next to nothing.

My verdict

“The My First Masturbator wanking toy was not my first toy, but if I had known about it back then it probably would have been at this price. It’s so simple and flexible to use you can really have a lot of fun with it. And although it might look really basic and plain, the pleasure you can get using one of these is definitely worth the small price tag!”

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