The Guardian Cock Ring is a sexy and very comfortable vibrating dual penis ring able to provide additional support, increased pleasure and a powerful vibrating action right where you need it.

How is it used?

The Guardian Cock Ring is placed around the root of the shaft of the penis, and around the top of the balls. The penis ring aspect is thicker and long, almost like a cage, offering more support along the shaft, while the lower ring encompasses the top of the scrotum. The powerful vibrating bullet applies pleasure and sensation to the middle area, offering the user pleasure along the shaft and down the balls, while offering a partner additional pleasure during sex too.

What are the features?

The cock ring side of the Guardian has raised nubs offering a partner increased sensation as you play together. The super stretchy silicone of the Guardian Cock Ring is also very flexible while remaining firm enough to offer considerable support. The powerful vibrating bullet is capable of offering intense pleasure when used correctly, but this can also be removed if the pleasure becomes too much, allowing the wearer to use it simply as a cock ring. In addition, each side of the cock ring can be used alone, you don’t have to gave the cock ring on, or the ball ring, with some careful positioning you can mix and match as you wish.

Additional notes…

The Guardian Cock Ring is a stretchy and comfortable triple action package. You have a significant cock ring for the shaft, a vibrating bullet for extra sensation, and a ball ring to keep your hanging boys in place and increase pleasure and power during climax. Each aspect can be used in concert of alone, removing the bullet or using just the cock ring or ball ring as needed. It’s a great cock ring for partnered sex of masturbation too, offering pleasure either way. And what’s more, it’s affordable, durable, and one of the simplest and best cock rings on the market in the UK.

My verdict

“Having used this alone and with a partner, I am enjoying it. I already have a good collection of cock rings, but the Guardian Cock Ring is definitely in my top ten”

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