The Fireman Dildo from TSX Sex Toys is a replica cock with a long detailed shaft and a thick girth for endless pleasure…

The TSX Sex Toys Fireman Dildo is a replica cock with an 8.5 inch length, a 2.25 inch diameter and a 6.5 inch circumference. Moulded from a real erection and hand finished, it features detailed wrinkles on the balls, veins snaking up the thick shaft and a perfectly formed head.

How is it used?

As you would expect, the Fireman Dildo is used for vaginal and anal penetration, either as part of a play between sexual partners or during solo masturbation. For men specifically it can increase the pleasure as you manipulate the prostate using an anal toy while masturbating.

What are the features?

The primary features of the Fireman Dildo are the dimensions of the sex toy and the details replicated from the original donor. The 8.5 inches in length offer deep penetration while the 6.5 inch circumference gives a fuller feeling. The shaft features a thickening bulge in the middle section for increased pleasure during insertion and removal. The details replicated from the original model supplying the real erection to copy include creases and wrinkles of the scrotum, thick and prominent veins along the shaft and a pronounced flared corona around the head. A flat base provides added stability when in use.

Additional notes…

Available from several UK outlets, with BlokeToys offering free UK delivery and free water based lubricant, deemed to be the best offer.

My verdict

“Although there are now so many dildos on the market you could spend a lifetime reading about them all, the Fireman Dildo has to be one of the best for the price, the design and the dimensions of it. I believe the size of this dildo is perhaps almost perfect for everyone; it’s not too large as to be uncomfortable, but it’s large enough to offer a challenge and a lot of sensation. The details of the dildo are excellent for a product in this price range.”

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